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Create a professional website
28 Oct 2010

Create, manage or edit your website and web pages from anywhere in the world with our Premium Website Builder Tool - anytime you want.

Built in using PHP & MySQL, ATNCMS can be used to build websites for small & medium businesses. Create your own personal or business website without having PHP, SQL, and HTML knowledge. Our online website builder tool (ATNCMS) makes this job very simple.

SMS Marketing
28 Oct 2010

Being in touch with your customers at any time, anywhere in Ethiopia is no longer a dream. By adding SMS Marketing with our ShortCode (8802) to your marketing mix, the effectiveness of your message with new and existing customers will soar to new leve

How Our SMS Marketing System Works
28 Oct 2010

Mobile SMS Marketing now leads the way in innovative marketing techniques thanks to its permission-based nature and personal orientation i.e. – its capability to let you address your customers individually. By adding Mobile SMS marketing to your advertising mix you will be many steps ahead of the competition. Our SMS Marketing System makes it easy and we will be with you every step of the way.

Reach out New & Existing Customers
28 Oct 2010

In today's dynamic and fast-evolving world, it is important to be able to reach your customers anywhere and at any given time. Our unique platform and industry expertise provide the tools and knowledge for your business to open a personalized communication channel with new and existing customers.

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   Perfect for all industries

With the explosion of smartphones and tablets around the globe, apps are transforming how all companies and organizations work. ATNTechnology creates a system of engagement which enables your team to effectively communicate, collaborate, and share information with anyone in the world. By delivering valuable content in a mobile context, your apps empower consumers, students, frontline and knowledge workers making them more productive and informed. Creating this system of engagement gives you the opportunity to make your operations more effective, reduce costs, and add profits.



Create a new revenue stream. Deliver the apps your clients are asking for. Partner with ATNTechnology to focus on development as well as the account-level services for building, deploying, managing, and maintaining profitable mobile experiences for your clients.


ATNTechnology is your solution to create seamless information flows to your customers. Leverage your stockpile of existing content to create revenue. Tell your story to the consumer faster and in a cost effective manner. Empower your users to spread your message.


ATNTechnology develop a powerful app for the classroom. Spread information about school updates and schedules to your students and teachers through mobile devices. Collaborate and teach mobile development department wide. Perfect for universities.


The purpose of the Hotel app is to keep your current & new customers happy by allowing them to quickly schedule room reservation, check the latest specials and keep up to date with your hotel all through their mobile phone. Send them special offer as well.

   Auto Repair

The purpose of the Auto Repair app is to keep your best customers happy by allowing them to quickly schedule appointments, check the latest specials and keep up to date with your shop all through their mobile phone. Send them maintenance reminder as well.


The purpose of the restaurant app is to keep your repeat customers informed of the latest specials, make orders, follow your social media presence and a method to tell their social networks why your restaurant is the best in the area.

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  • Telephone: +251 912 61 7026
  • Address: Nefas Selk L/K/K, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
  • Telephone: +1 678 941 9889
  • Address: Lawrenceville, GA, 30045, USA

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