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ATN Technology SMS Portal

Bulk SMSBulk SMS Ethiopia

This is the most popular and widely used SMS System in Ethiopia. You can send SMS to HUGE numbers in recipient in VERY SHORT TIME. You can send to almost 500,000 test messages or more in less than two hours. You can change the SENDER ID (Number Masking) to your Company’s Name or Brand. The recipient will see your BRAND/NAME instead of normal 4 digits numbers. Able to trace the SMS status after sent.

Real Time SMS Monitoringwysiwyg editor

Real time reporting of the SMS traffic of user type. Pin down every SMS delivery report from the SMS traffic that is handled by our Bulk SMS platform. Views and exports of detailed reports are available to all ATN Technology Bulk SMS users.


SMS MarketingSMS Marketing Ethiopia

SMS marketing could be integral part of business houses multichannel marketing strategy to spread business. We offer service to manage urgent and large marketing champing by using the power of our SMS services. We help you reach virtually to anyone and spread your business to those who uses mobile services. We make them engage, participate in dialogue with brand. We guarantee that your message will be sent to right people in right time to create brand image of your business.

SMS Poll-VoteSMS Poll-Vote

Set up your own SMS poll or SMS voting campaign the easy way. This application enables you to set up and configure your voting campaign or poll.

SMS poll and vote is typically used by and for:

  • Voting for contests
    Vote for the most beautiful female contestant of a Miss election.

  • Non-Commercial Poll
    Who will win the next elections? By making voting chargeable, you make sure only the serious voters will take part.

  • Commercial Poll
    Vote for your favourite contestant on a TV programme such as 'Big Brother' and 'Idols'. The purpose of a commercial poll is to select a winner and make money at the same time.

SMS CompetitionsSMS Question and Answer

Want to run SMS competitions? From small giveaways to mega competitions, ATN technology helps you manage and organise your promotional activity from one location. SMS Competitions is part of the SMS Platform, an access-anywhere web tool.

Using the SMS Competiotions, you can broadcast daily questions (two-choice answers) and teasers to subscribers, receive SMS answers, manage requests (e.g. for help) and automatically filter correct and incorrect answers.

Question types supported:

  • Follow Up: the standard question type, and the most used.

(Subscriber receives a question>Sends a response>our SMS Platform automatically sends the next question)

  • Broadcast: Usually scheduled as the first in a series of questions, a broadcast message can include a promotional or introductory message, and is manually sent.
  • Promotion: A promotional message sent to increase engagement in the competition, and which can be sent to a particular group of subscribers.

System Features:

  • Add, delete and edit questions
  • Broadcast teasers and promotional material
  • Automatically draw the winning answer
  • Get statistical reports on hits across categories, competitions etc.

SMS LotterySMS Lottery

The SMS&Win module is one of the most widely used mobile marketing tools. This module enables you to set up your own competition in just a few moments. All you need to do is register a keyword using our wizard and set up all specific details, such as price and messages to be sent in reply to the participants.

SMS & Win is typically used for and by:

    • Retailers:
    • Run a competition to promote your product and to stimulate sales;
    • Websites:
    • promote your own SMS & WIN campaign instead of bannering. One of the advantages is that visitors don't need to leave your site;
    • Magazines:
    • editors can set up competitions around topics discussed in that issue, leaving a small gap between what is actually an advertisement and the editorial items


Premium SMS SubscriptionSMS Subscriptions

Set up a paid premium SMS subscription service the easy way! With this application our gateway will handle all opt-in and opt-out for you. All you have to do is to decide on the text message to send to your subscribers on a daily, weekly or monthly basis!

ATN Technology provides great management tools for monitoring changes in your memberlist, and allows you to preset texts weeks in advance.

SMS subscription is typically used by and for:

  • Information services: E.g.: Health Tips, Sport news, Beauty Tips, etc.

  • Financial sites: Send out daily news about stocks, interest rates, etc.;

  • Charities: A great solution for charities who want to receive daily/weekly/monthly donations;

  • Recruitment: Job seekers can sign up to receive relevant job opportunities when they arise and/or employers can be put into contact with suitable candidates;

SMS DonateSMS donation

The SMS Donate module offers charities an easy way to receive donations. To set up, you simply need to register a keyword and think of a suitable reply to be sent to your benefactors.

SMS donation is typically used by:

  • Charitable organizations
    Including foundations, trusts.

  • Non-profit websites:
    (Community) websites who do not aim to make a profit, but want to give their more frequent users the option to donate in order to maintain the website .

Need recurring donations?
This application is for setting up non-recurring donations. With SMS Subscription you can set up recurring donations.


With the ATN Technology SMS app, your organization only needs one inexpensive Android smartphone with internet access to send to your subscribers hundreds of thousands of text messages in a single tap. ATN-SMS app will also let you see Real time reporting to keep you track of develiry status.


Get instant access to ATN Technology SMS portal and send bulk SMS using our online solution.

ATN Technology SMS portal is a web-based, bulk SMS solution that allows you to send personalized bulk SMS messages. There is no download necessary.

Once you have registered for an account you can sign in and send messages from any computer connected to the Internet. The SMS usage of your account can be tracked in detail along with the real-time status of each SMS sent from your account.

Readymade Applications

We offer ready made applications for both Premium SMS and Bulk SMS that allow you to launch your service immediate without any programming skills or code! Further If you have specific requirement for your sms service, we can customize it special for you! Our supports and developers will take care of the network and the application availablity for you so that you can concentrate to market your solution.

Top Premium Application:




Premium SMS

Premium SMS (Two way sms/Chargable sms)
PREMIUM SMS, also known as Interactive SMS is an advanced micropayment solution. By sending a premium sms to user's or customer's mobile phone, your company can generate immediate revenue and it is perfectly suited to both large and small corporate. ATN Technology's Premium SMS Service makes use of its industry leading SMS Gateway, which is renowned for reliability and functionality, provides the best possible chance of being delivered.

Types of Premium SMS :
a)  Subscription Service
Subscription services require the end users opt-in, so you can bill him on a recurring basis for a longer term service. For example a subscription to the latest sets of popular motivational quotes, sport news or health tips.


IOD Service
Pay-per-use service charge the end user once for what is normally a single-use (also known as one-off, IOD or information on demand) service, such as a mobile game download, movie showtime request, quiz game or vote.


Types of Short Code :
a)  Shared Short Code
For clients who want a low-cost solution for a single SMS product offering instantly activated short codes and the expectation of low to moderate message volumes, a shared short code is perfect. With these short codes, you share a short code number with other customers and use keywords to direct messages to your particular application and charge via Premium SMS.

b)  Dedicated Short Code
For clients who intend to provide a range of different mobile services; want a unique, customised or easy to remember number; expect a high monthly volume of messages or want to offer more complex two-way services - a dedicated short code is for you. We will help you set up your own dedicated short code and a billing account for Premium SMS with the Mobile Network Operators with fast application and implementation or you can bring your own shortcode and we will have it configured on our SMS gateway so that you can send and receive SMS messages using our SMS portal.



No Installation Required
You won't be hazel with installation; you just access your web browser, login, set up your message and you will be ready to send your SMS

  Manage Multiple Users
Our system enable a business or organization to create multiple users

  Intuitive Interface
Very user friendly interface will guide you to set up. Just as an easy as 1 2 3 and you are ready to send your SMS.

  Blast SMS in seconds
Your message will be deliver in minutes. With a touch of a button your message deliver to thousands or millions receiver.


The Interface   Message & Editing   Report & Log
User Friendly Interface
The entire interface is build to enhance your experience. It works on all major browsers
  Campaign Message
Message creating comes with easy management, just like sending an email
Advance reporting with analysis will help you to track your sms campaign.
Mobile Application
Ready plug-in and customized application to suit user needs
  Message Scheduling
Campaign can be set to run and stop at specific time and date
  Transaction Log
Ready plug-in and customized application to suit user needs.
Database Protection
Our preventive system is fully committed to unsure all users information is protected.
  Phonebook Management
Manage your phone book and group it according to your needs.
  Delivery Report
Real time reporting feature helps you to keep track of develiry status.

Whether you intend to start your business using our sms solution, we have the right solution for you. Kindly call our customer representative at 8802 (8:30am to 5:30pm, Monday - Friday) or submit your inquiry/order here.


We offer ready made applications for Premium and Bulk SMS that allow you to launch
your service immediate without hassle. Further if you have specific requirement for your sms service, we can customize it special for you! Our supports and developers will take care of the network and the application availability for you so that you can concentrate to market your solution.