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Create a professional website
28 Oct 2010

Create, manage or edit your website and web pages from anywhere in the world with our Premium Website Builder Tool - anytime you want.

Built in using PHP & MySQL, ATNCMS can be used to build websites for small & medium businesses. Create your own personal or business website without having PHP, SQL, and HTML knowledge. Our online website builder tool (ATNCMS) makes this job very simple.

SMS Marketing
28 Oct 2010

Being in touch with your customers at any time, anywhere in Ethiopia is no longer a dream. By adding SMS Marketing with our ShortCode (8802) to your marketing mix, the effectiveness of your message with new and existing customers will soar to new leve

How Our SMS Marketing System Works
28 Oct 2010

Mobile SMS Marketing now leads the way in innovative marketing techniques thanks to its permission-based nature and personal orientation i.e. – its capability to let you address your customers individually. By adding Mobile SMS marketing to your advertising mix you will be many steps ahead of the competition. Our SMS Marketing System makes it easy and we will be with you every step of the way.

Reach out New & Existing Customers
28 Oct 2010

In today's dynamic and fast-evolving world, it is important to be able to reach your customers anywhere and at any given time. Our unique platform and industry expertise provide the tools and knowledge for your business to open a personalized communication channel with new and existing customers.

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Mobile App Cloud Platform

ATNTechnology is the enterprise option for cloud-based, user-friendly, cross-platform app development, management and hosting. Using ATNTechnology Mobile App Cloud Platform, anyone without any programming knowledge can create mobile apps for iOS and Android phones and tablets geared towards consumers, teachers, health care professionals, restaurants, hotels, supermarkets, radio agencies, ad agencies, enterprise organizations, and many more.

Our Mobile App Cloud Platform is the new Drag & Drop do-it-yourself app creation software tool with no programming skill required.


Create Custom Mobile Apps For Your Clients
And Start Making Money Today



What you get with the Reseller Subscriptions?


White label app White label apps No ATNapps branding, giving you the freedom to create apps for iPhone, iPad, Android, Tablets, and HTML5 under your own brand.

Reseller control panelReseller Control Panel allows you to manage multiple client accounts from one convenient place.

White label reviewWhite label review apps your clients can review and test drive any apps before publishing. Create as much review apps as it takes at no cost, until you and your clients are completely satisfied and ready to publish.

White label dashboardWhite label dashboard for your customers, enabling them to engage their mobile users directly.





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